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By Elizabeth Hoover

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Winter 2017

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Once a year, curator Ingrid Schaffner delivers a lecture titled What Is Contemporary? She begins with a declaration: “I will never answer this, so come back next year.” Then she wrestles with the ever-evolving answer for the next 90 minutes. When Schaffner was named curator of the 2018 Carnegie International , Carnegie Museum of Art’s signature exhibition that happens every four years, she focused her annual talk on the past 30 years of its rich history. “We can tell the story of the rise of contemporary art through the Internationals ,” she says. Organizing the venerable exhibition, which dates back to 1896, is a homecoming for Schaffner, who has attended every iteration since 1995. “Crafting the next International is a chance to shape one of the momentous cultural forces that helped form me,” she says. Known for her extensive knowledge of art history and her collaborative curating style, Schaffner previously served as the chief curator of the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania and is an accomplished writer and critic. A native of Pittsburgh, she spent many afternoons as a child exploring Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History while her father studied engineering at what’s now Carnegie Mellon University. Her family departed Pittsburgh when she was 10, but that early connection to museums is not insignificant as she plans for next October’s opening. Neither is the state of the world. Visiting artists globally, she encountered the disquiet that comes with periods of uncertainty and turmoil. “I began working on this show right after Brexit and during the election of Donald Trump,” says Schaffner. “This opportunity to embrace the international has an urgency right now.”

You’ve conducted five research trips, each with a different traveling partner. Why? Since the first Carnegie International in 1896, curatorial advisors have been a part of the process. I continued that tradition, but reformulated the role into a travel companion and thinking partner. My invitation to them was, “Let’s go somewhere that neither of us has ever been before!” That way we were both in a position of being raw and open.

You’ve conducted five research trips, each with a different traveling partner. Why?

Have you also brought artists to Pittsburgh? One of the best parts of being a contemporary art curator is that you work with living artists. You can bring them here, get to know them, and help them realize their art at the museum. I refer to these visits as “first dates” because it’s an opportunity for the artists to visit the city and spend time with our fabulous curatorial team and Carnegie colleagues. Like a first date, if you don’t feel it’s OK, we don’t have to go on a second date. So far everyone has come back for a second date.

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Original Research ARTICLE

Front. Ecol. Evol., 15 May 2018 | Antonio Maurizi Mens MedallionToe Suede Wingtip Boots Discount Enjoy Buy Cheap Good Selling OMlyfC
Erin G. Wessling , Clearance Good Selling CLOUD RUNNER Trainers white/black Cheap Eastbay Find Great Online Clearance Cheapest Price Discount Wiki qVyyL59R
, Roger Mundry , Outlet Fashion Style Salomon XA Pro 3D With Mastercard Cheap Online Clearance Geniue Stockist Buy Cheap Reliable 5ImyqBnqO
, Roman M. Wittig and Hjalmar S. Kühl

Savanna-mosaic habitats are thought to represent exceptional circumstances for chimpanzees ( Pan troglodytes ), and owing to the virtues of their habitat as well as peripheral biogeographic location, they are often regarded as marginal to the chimpanzee ecological niche. If these habitats are marginal, then we should expect that chimpanzees living in these habitats demonstrate physiological consequences of the extremity of this environment. We therefore compared seasonal variation in physiological responses to climatic and ecological factors in chimpanzees inhabiting Fongoli, a savanna-mosaic habitat at the margins of the chimpanzee range with chimpanzees from Taï National Park, a lowland rainforest centrally located within the West African chimpanzee subspecies ( P. troglodytes verus ) range. We accomplished this using urinary biomarkers of hydration (creatinine), energetic status (c-peptide), and stress (cortisol) collected simultaneously from research stations at each location. We found that Fongoli was both more extreme and seasonal in climatic measures like temperature and rainfall, although food availability was more variable at Taï than at Fongoli. Although living in an extreme and seasonally more variable environment, Fongoli chimpanzees were more stable in their c-peptide values than Taï chimpanzees, but showed more extreme variation in their cortisol values. Although chimpanzees at both sites demonstrated significant seasonal effects of dehydration (creatinine), the more extreme environmental variation at Fongoli promoted higher physiological seasonal costs in the form of elevated cortisol levels. Overall, these results supported the assertion that Fongoli as a savanna-mosaic habitat is more extreme in its climate and ecology than a forested site. It appears that extreme savanna-mosaic habitats represent a limit to the chimpanzee ecological niche with regard to thermoregulation, in that seasonal environmental conditions, namely the hot and dry conditions of the dry season, strain an individual's ability to maintain homeostasis. However, Taï chimpanzees also faced dehydration as a limitation, which highlights that chimpanzees may experience certain challenges ubiquitously across their range, while other challenges remain habitat-specific. Hence, categorizing savanna habitats as universally more severe and challenging to chimpanzees than more heavily forested habitats does not yet appear to be warranted.

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